Support - TouchStream

TouchStream System

TouchStream ships as a fully configured appliance, with all software pre-installed.

The output formats available to you will depend on the model that you purchased.

License for TouchStream

Your TouchStream system will be registered for you when you purchase the system.

The license for your model will be applied before the system is shipped to you.

TouchStream Software and Documentation

TouchStream software and Documentation can be downloaded from the Imagine Communications FileShare or from the Imagine Communications eCustomer Portal.

To use the Imagine Communications FileShare go to Click on the "Public" link (the text, not the folder icon), then the "190 Selenio Media Processing" link. The Software and Documentation links point to folders with the released versions. Look for the TouchStream folder. 

To use the Imagine Communications eCustomer Portal go to and register as a New User.
Once you have logged in to the eCustomer Portal select the Download Software Updates option, then use the Table of Contents to navigate to Imagine Communications Downloads > SelenioFlex > TouchStream. You will see both Software and Documentation for the latest released version.

Please see this document for more information about using the Imagine Communications Customer Portal and Imagine Communications FileShare.