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SelenioFlex File (Previously named Transcode Manager)

Take Control of Your Transcoding Workflows

Transcoding between formats is a critical component of today's dynamic media environments and multiscreen distribution opportunities, but efficient and profitable media transformation requires a solution that goes far beyond just format conversion. Built on the ground-breaking Kayak workflow platform, the second generation of the enterprise-class Digital Rapids Transcode Manager software blends high-volume media transformation and workflow processes so seamlessly it's almost unfair to call it 'transcoding'.

  • Digital Rapids Transcode ManagerSuperior quality, scalability and flexibility for professional media transformation applications
  • Powerful, unified management interface and toolset simplify operations
  • Adaptive, automated decision-making maximizes efficiency
  • Flexible, visual workflow design tools give you precise control
  • Dynamic workflow engines maximize deployment agility and streamline maintenance
  • Easy integration of new technologies lets you quickly respond to new trends and opportunities

Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2 -- the ideal high-volume media processing solution to unlock new revenue opportunities while maximizing your efficiency and reducing your costs.