StreamZ Live 8000EX

Connecting Broadcast Television with Vast New Opportunities

The StreamZ Live family of live encoders is renowned for its superior output quality, outstanding reliability and flexible, multiscreen output format support. Simplifying the convergence of core television and multi-platform streaming operations now occurring within media organizations, the StreamZ Live 8000EX integrated broadcast/multiscreen encoder combines these proven benefits with robust features for the unique demands of broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television operations.

  • StreamZ Live 8000EX CollageSimultaneous encoding for broadcast television and multiscreen streaming (mobile, OTT services, tablets, PCs, IPTV and more)
  • Combines our proven multiscreen output quality and flexibility with robust features for core television operations
  • Rich adaptive streaming format support maximizes audience and device reach
  • Easy, software-based upgradeability for new formats, technologies and features
  • Simultaneous file creation for archive or on-demand use
  • Enterprise-class, multi-channel management and automation through Digital Rapids Broadcast Manager

StreamZ Live 8000EX - the ideal live encoder for the converging worlds of multiscreen distribution and broadcast television.