StreamZ and StreamZHD: Multi-Format Efficiency

Multi-platform content distribution and efficient multi-format workflows are necessities for content owners and providers striving to stay ahead in today's competitive media environments. Maximizing the value and reach of your content means dealing with an ever-increasing array of formats to support the network-enabled platforms and devices that have changed how audiences consume video. From creating file-based deliverables to live streaming, StreamZ and StreamZHD ingest and encoding systems give you the power to efficiently capture and transform your media at top quality in any format for applications from revenue-expanding multiscreen delivery to post production and archive.

Digital Rapids Encoding Flow Diagram

StreamZ encoding systems feature a comprehensive range of input options for standard definition video sources, while StreamZHD delivers the powerful and flexible features of StreamZ in high definition. StreamZHD can capture HD (1080i, 1080p and 720p) or SD video in its native format, or format convert it during ingest from HD to SD, SD to HD, or between HD resolutions. Real-time down-conversion of dual-link and 3G-SDI inputs allows easy repurposing without the workflow inconvenience and expense of external format converters. StreamZHD also provides a future-proof upgrade path to emerging applications empowered by 3G-SDI.

Multiple Formats, One Easy Workflow

StreamZ and StreamZHD support standard and optional compression and container formats including AVC/H.264 (including Adobe® Flash®, Microsoft® Silverlight, Transport Streams and Elementary Streams), MPEG-2, XDCAM HD, Avid DNxHD®, DVCPro, AVC-Intra (Panasonic P2), JPEG2000, Dolby® Digital and Digital Plus, VC-1 (Windows Media), QuickTime®, MXF, GXF, LXF, Omneon and many more, with a flexible architecture for easy future format expansion. Strict output compliance ensures broad compatibility with devices from mobile phones and PCs to set-top boxes. Stereoscopic 3D content can be encoded in H.264 with the optional Digital Rapids Studio AVC Encoder for frame-compatible (side-by-side or top-bottom) 3D delivery.

Source video can be encoded to files or streamed in multiple formats, resolutions and bit rates simultaneously, giving you exceptional productivity while targeting multiple distribution channels or adaptive bit rate delivery. StreamZ and StreamZHD offer the industry's highest quality for live and on-demand adaptive streaming technologies including HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) with Adobe® Media Server; Apple® iPhone® and iPad™ HTTP Live Streaming (HLS); and Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming.