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Versatile, Multi-Format Ingest, Encoding and Archive

StreamZ and StreamZHD are the most versatile ingest and encoding systems on the market, providing the industry's deepest feature set in robust configurations that integrate easily into any professional environment. Combining advanced hardware with sophisticated and flexible software, StreamZ and StreamZHD are ideal gateways to file-based production and archive workflows and today's vast array of multiscreen distribution opportunities.

  • StreamZHDUnparalleled versatility - ingest/encode to files or live streams from live sources or decks; transcode from existing media files
  • Superior output quality for applications from multiscreen distribution to post production and archive
  • Deep, expandable format support including adaptive bit rate delivery technologies
  • Simultaneous output to multiple formats, resolutions and bitrates lets you efficiently optimize for each target audience or application
  • Flexible software with powerful automation, customization and workflow integration features

StreamZ and StreamZHD -- the ideal ingest and encoding systems for today's multi-format, multiscreen media landscape.