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TouchStream® 2.1 Upgrade Now Available

A new upgrade is now available for TouchStream live encoding and streaming appliances. Registered TouchStream users with a valid current Maintenance agreement can download the new version as a free upgrade from the TouchStream Support page of our website.

*** Be sure to see the ReadMe file for important configuration settings that may require changing on your TouchStream unit prior to installing the update.

Users upgrading to version 2.1 from a 1.x version will require a new license key to run v2.1. Such users with current valid Maintenance Agreements should contact Digital Rapids Support for a new license key before installing the version 2.1 upgrade. Users currently running version 2.0 or higher will not require a new key unless purchasing new options.

Version 2.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • 608/708 Closed Caption support for the optional iPhone/iPad encoding and segmenting module
  • 608/708 Closed Caption support for Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming
  • Improvements to live transport stream outputs
  • Various bug fixes and refinements

More information can be found in the full ReadMe file.

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